Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Calling Cards for Cricut

I had a wonderful weekend: worked on cleaning up the house (made 2 trips to Goodwill with things I did not even know I had anymore so I will not miss them) to get ready for all the room changes that will soon be occurring, had some down time with my husband and daughter and made my Mom's day when we took a family photo with my sister and her family: ALL 8 of us smiling (sort of)!

BUT...all weekend I was thinking about the fact that CHA is this week and I have not even started on the calling cards.  Last night I finally decided I better do something about it.  I did not get very far, but I have all these ideas swimming in my head so I am making a promise to myself and anyone else who reads this that I will have some done by the end of the day!! 

I got started by making address labels on my computer with all my contact information.  I was happy to find I had only clear labels so now they will pick up a background a little better..Now onto creation phase.  Check back to see if I meet my own challenge.

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