Saturday, July 24, 2010

Exciting Family News

Last night the phone rang around 9:30.  I was surprised to see someone calling so late.  When the phone rings the number actually pops up on the TV so we can see who is calling (a very fun feature by the way). I saw that it was my brother-in-law, John. I called up to my husband that it was his brother and than it clicked in my head...he was engaged!

Melissa and John  have been together for a few years and she is a perfect fit for him.  She is so sweet. She also makes amazing treats: peanut butter cups and chocolate covered cherries..YUM. I knew John had been looking for a ring so I instantly knew that was why he had called us so late. I flew up the stairs as Erik answered the phone and I shouted out to both him and Melissa, "Are you engaged?" They told us the short story of how it happened and we were all very happy! They plan on having the wedding next summer sometime.  My daughter will now have a second Aunt and I will have my first sister-in-law.

My Mother-in-law, Sue, is so excited to have another girl joining the family officially. For a long time it was her and her boys.  When I came around John was a freshman in highschool and now he is getting married. I look forward to the family growing - I can only hope they will provide me with more nieces or a nephew if I am lucky!!  Congrats to them and my whole family.

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