Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I think I'm going to like this!!

Well I am in full blown blog mode.  I seriously couldn't get to sleep last night thinking about what I wanted to post this morning and tomorrow and so on...

I knew that I wanted to make some changes to my blog layout and style and so I headed to kevinandamanda.com right away this morning.  On this website you will find so many amazing things. I have a button for the site to the right, but let me just tell you.if you do not already know about this wonderful place: recipes, scrap booking ideas (including a cute cardboard book for the summer), free fonts for your computer and digital scrapping, blog help, photo tips, dog stories and more.  Check it out and if you want to change your blog titles and dates to an different font than what is offered on your blog service.  Mine is called peamissywithamarker and you can get it at their blog for FREE!

I am always excited when I use my Cricut Machine (a die cutting machine for making well?? anything). I am trying to stay updated with my scrap booking but it isn't always easy to find the time during the school year when I am teaching and so I get back logged.  This summer I finally rearranged my office/scrap area so that my cricut is set up all the time (I used to get it out, put it away, get it out, put is away every time I wanted to use it..what a mess.) Now that it is out I have used it almost everyday.

Here are some of the things I have done lately with my Cricut that I have really loved or give good samples of the new Lite carts:
This is the countdown I made before our Disney World Trip. It hung in my daughter's room and we took a number off each day. It made the wait a little easier and we got so excited every night.

The Magic Kingdom is done in Lovely Floral's font. The teapot is from Once Upon a Princess and the font is Feeling Groovy (Lite). The Supercalifragilistic is made with Billionaire (Lite).

This is  my favorite page from the Disney Scrapbook so far. The hat and Disney wording are from Mickey Font. The Princess letters are Blackletter.
This year for my daughter's birthday we had a Fairy Tea Party. I made all the invites using Everyday Paper Doll and Paper Doll Dress-up.  I made a group of larger fairies to hang all around the party. Here is one.

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  1. You are doing great. You must be a natural.


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