Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Long Day (but good)

I am finally sitting in front of my computer for the first time all day long. I'm not saying that I am attached to the thing, but let's just say it often ends up going on vacation weekends with me.

I spent the day with my sister, Jenny. It was a wonderful day.  She lives in Nashville so days like this are far and few between.  If I take too much time to think about it I get sad so I am only going to focus on our great day today. It wasn't that we did anything special or different; I helped her return her rental car, we did a little shopping, had lunch and worked on making these yummy cake ball treats that she is bringing to her husband's family reunion this weekend. (I will come back to the cake balls later!!!)  It wasn't what we did, it was that we just had time together. We had my adorable niece, Emery, with us as well, but she is only 14-months-old so she isn't a big obstacle for our talking time.  I miss having sister time like this more often. She moved to Nashville right after my daughter turned 1 and it was really hard on us - do not even get me started about crying in the airport after I helped her drive down there.

I only wish that after the nice fun day with my sister, my four-year-old, had behaved as well.  She is pretty good most of the time, but 4 has been a challenge for us.  She is learning to talk back more, listen less and hates automatic flushing toilets - which can be a problem if you are at Disney World and they do not have any other kind.  Today she decided that she hated bath time. What is usually never a problem was a screaming mess this evening at my Mom's house. It didn't get better after that, which makes me question if she really had a nap today at camp? She is all tucked into bed now and tomorrow is another day. It is easy to forget anything bad form the day when they look so sweet sleeping.

This wonderful invention is my new favorite dessert treat.  I would give you a recipe but their isn't one except this: 
1. Make any flavor cake you want. Bake it in any size or shape pan you want.
2. Let it cool than take it out of the pan and crumble it up into a bowl (my sister uses a fork I used my hands to break it up really small).
3. Add a whole can of cake frosting (again your choice on flavor) to the cake and mix it really good.
4. Roll the cake/frosting mixture into small balls (really roll them and pack them fairly tight and put on wax paper)
5. Put these in the fridge for about half an hour.
6. Melt some chocolate coating (they have colored stuff at Michael's and other craft stores, but you can get chocolate kind at the grocery) and dip each ball into it and fully cover.
7. Let the candy coating cool and there you have it. CAKE BALLS1

I am sure somewhere online you can find a more formal recipe but that is all there is too it and they are so amazingly yummy.

Well I have not had a chance to watch So You Think You Can Dance so I am heading to TV land and than to sleep.  Have a great tomorrow. I'll check in again soon.

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  1. These sound like a non-alcoholic version of rum balls that my friend makes. I will have to try these. Thanks for sharing.


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