Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Gift Tags

Holiday gift tags
Crazy busy is how you can best describe the last couple of months for me. Between teaching, coaching cheer leading and holding auditions for the Spring play at my school I have not had a moment to myself.  I was hoping to get a lot more crafting in, but things have just not played out that way. 

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and is looking forward to New Year's Eve (I love this night, but often find myself in bed before midnight hits!). I have to say that Christmas was a wonderful day and my daughter really enjoyed herself.  We stayed in our pajamas all day (my mom made them for the whole family with fabric she found last year on a major sale!). 

While I mentioned that very little crafting has been going on for me I did manage to cut out all sorts of stencils for my daughter's Godfather that he used to etch glasses he was giving as gifts.  I also made an assortment of gift tags after finding amazing holiday lights wrapping paper at Mejer.  My husband will tell you I was a little nutty about getting them made. He is not stupid, he knows that when I get an idea in my head and start working on it I do not let up until I get it the way I want.  I used the light bulb from Christmas Cheer to make these and they looked really great under the tree. I also made several to put on the scrapbook page I plan on making soon.  
Christmas Cheer was used to make the light bulbs. I used the basic shape plus the shift function of the basic shape to create the black toppers.
I am hoping that with my remaining days off I can get in some scrapbooking (I got one for my daughter and she would like to start as well) and will have many pages to share with you.  I have really gotten comfortable with my Gypsy and I got a wonderful pink cover for it from my husband this holiday season.  I am looking forward to the Disney Classic Cartridge coming out as the play I mentioned earlier is Alice in Wonderland and all the images on this new cart will be soooo helpful. 

OH yeah...I almost forgot.  I got a YourStory Photobook for the holidays. I bought it for myself, but that still counts.  When it arrives I will get started making some projects with it right away.

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