Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Boy will be Boys coming my way

I get a little excited when I challenge myself to spending limits.  Today at Hobby Lobby I had 2 cartridges in my hands as they are on sale 2 for $79.99 until Saturday.  I was ready to go and check out when I said to my husband, "I bet I could get 3-4 for that price on eBay."


First cartridge Boys Will be Boys for $23.  Now I am hoping to get 2 or 3 more (full cartridges, not seasonal) before the end of the day Saturday when the Hobby Lobby sale is over.  I may not be getting Formal Occasions (on my wish list but very new) but my hope is to get others on the wish list for the better deal.  Wish me luck.


  1. Check out Memory MIser...they have some cartridges on clearance. Free shipping over $50.

  2. Thanks Josie0602 I will check them out as well...Have to say love free shipping!!


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