Monday, January 10, 2011

Two-A-Week Challenge

My husband says that my Cricut is the right kind of addiction! This means it will not kill me or him or harm our child in anyway and he is not worried about finding me passed out in a back ally somewhere.

BUT he still looks at me funny when I tell him that I purchased 11 cartridges in the last 3 days.  Yes, I said 11 and that is a lot.  As far as addiction goes this weekend cost me.  BUT (yes another one) I used eBay and Cricut Rewards to get these carts so I can honestly say that on average I spent $15 a cartridge. That is not so bad considering the sales around here (minus the one at Michael's where they had $10 carts...all sold out before I got there plus they did not have any I did not already have!) had them listed for minimum $29.99!  I am pretty happy but have to say that I need to back away form eBay for awhile and just enjoy my new carts.

Here is what I got: Imagine Pattern: Blossom, Imagine Better Together, Sentimentals, Spring Holiday Cards, Songbird, Nursery Rhymes, Animal Kingdom, Destinations, Classic Disney, Gingerbread, and Ashlyn's Alphabet. I am looking forward to all the projects I will do with these new treats.

NOW WAIT A might be saying you have not posted a new project in a few months (except for the holiday tags!) and you are right.  I have not been posting my projects. I am trying as hard as I can  but I find, as a teacher, my nights land me in front of the TV winding down (If I start talking about TV on my blog would more people read it?) and weekends start with all intentions of scrapping, but I end up organizing and little gets accomplished. After this weekends stash I feel I have no choice but to scrap ASAP, so...... 

I am issuing myself a challenge. I am going to try and scrapbook 2 pages a week (I will already admit this will mostly be happening on the weekend, but I plan on doing some of the planning and cutting during the week)! If I have other projects to complete I may scrap only one page and use the project; a card or bulletin board as the second page. I figure the main goal will be pages for our albums but I love using my machines so it is all win win!! Please encourage me and support me in this new venture.  I know all the support I get from the Circle will push me forward so leave your comments and feedback and even ideas of what carts you would like to see me use because I have a few (not counting the new ones) that I really should get out and try!

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