Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Albums, Part 2

I am continuing working on the books that I am making for the cast of Alice in Wonderland which had a successful run last week. I showed off my starting points a few weeks back so today I thought I would show off some of the covers for the albums. These are for some of the playing card characters that were in the show. I cut all the suite pieces using Indie Art.
The artwork was drawn by one of the students who was in the play. She is pretty talented. The font, Tingle Institute is from one of my favorite places to find fonts to use on my personal projects. The album below is for one of the 10 giggling flowers that I cast in the show. 
yellow paper embossed with
Once Upon a Princess companion folder
I have printed out all the rehearsal shots already using the wonderful deal at Ritz pix: 6 cent 3x5 prints all day Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You can order online and even pay with Pay pal!  When you are making 40 mini albums this price helps keep the cost down and gives you space in the album to add backing paper for a decorative touch. I have been taking pictures since auditions and during the Friday night show my brother-in-law took over 300 more for me to use on these albums. Soon I will have more of the completed inside pages to show off.

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