Monday, April 18, 2011

Ballerina Bag

Yesterday was my daughter's dance recital. She was so excited about the final performance with her classmates and I wanted to get her a special treat to celebrate. She is  currently on a major Barbi kick. Everything she is asking for for her birthday is Barbi related it seems. I fund two of the Barbies she is asking for on a major sale and decided to get them to celebrate her hard work in dance class.

I had to make her a special bag to put the dolls in and decided to pull out my Shall We Dance cartridge (a no brainer as it was for her dance recital) to create the bag. I altered the dress so it would look like the one my daughter wore. I also used Everyday Paperdolls for the bows on the dress and hair and Billionaire for the lettering.

I got a small bottle of Stickles to try out (finally) and I used it on the dress to make the bag match her costume. The whole recital was a big hit...hard not to smile as 3 to 6-year-olds dance in adorable costumes while trying to see their teacher on the sidelines or their parents in the audience.
Sophie in her costume before the recital!!


  1. Wow... they're twins!! Great job on the gift bag!

  2. So cute! Love her little twin on the bag.

  3. Love it! And your daughter is adorable! TFs!!

  4. They do totally match! Great job! Sophie is adorable!

  5. Your daughter is such a cutie! Love the matching bag...very pretty!


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