Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Swap Day!!!

Okay I waited and waited. The box for the Easter Swap on the Circle message board has sat in my house for a week and even though it was a hard week for me with the school play, visiting in-laws, crying at swim lessons and a dance recital success...I still did not open this box....

Okay I am going to admit the total truth. I opened the box on Wednesday last week when it arrived. Sadly, my uncle passed away that morning and I was stressed out for my Mom and for the play, plus the weekend to come, so my  husband suggested I open the box and get a pick-me-up to help me out.  I am sorry I did not wait, but I just needed to smile and smile I did.
THANK YOU GREENGIRL!!!! You made my day much brighter when I opened the box and found these fabulous treats for our Easter Swap. My daughter Sophie was excited to see her name on some of the fun packages as well (sticker you can color...are you spying on us?). We love wrapping paper in my house and now wish we had thought to wrap up each little gift we sent to you.
We (I say we because my daughter was the official unwrapper and likes to squeal when she does.) Loved getting such fun treats. Stamps, and ribbon and Stickles (my first and I already used them) OH MY!
 For this swap we had to include a storage item and Greengirl made me an awesome idea binder. You can go tell her how cool it is on her website as well...Greengirl Scraps. I find it funny that we both used Cricut Everyday on projects we made for each other. 
The binder has 5 tabs to help me store ideas and instructions and sketches
On a final note...I love Peeps and when Greengirl emailed to ask what kind of candy I liked I told her I like Peeps at Easter time and she sent some yellow and green ones. My daughter had never had one but now asks if she can have another one everyday!!! Thanks again swap partner!!!!


  1. I'm so glad you liked everything! I'm glad I could bring smiles to you and Sophie!!


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