Friday, April 8, 2011

Hot Blog Hop has begun!

I am super lucky to be taking part in the Hot Blog Hop sponsored by Chloe and Her Clip on Koalas. This blog hop is a little different from most because instead of hopping from blog to blog during a day or weekend, Chloe is sending her Hot Scrap Assistant, Jacob, all over to visit different craft rooms and offer his assistance as needed. This hop will be taking place over the next 24 weeks as he works his way from Australia to the US and Canada and back. I hope you will follow along as he makes his journey. The first stop on the tour after leaving home is with Charlene at Me n' Miss Pink Cricut. He should be arriving any day so be on the lookout for the fun things he does on his crazy adventure. Link to the different stops here or through the Blog Hop button which will be updated as he moves around. I can not wait to see all the fun ways he helps out during his trip. I am sure he will be super helpful and inspire some wonderful projects along the way!

1. Chloe at Chloe and her Clip on Koalas - Western Australia

2. Carlene - Me n' Miss Pink Cricut -Western Australia

3. Erin - A Girl in her Craft Box - Hawaii

4. Jennifer - The Country Life - Arizona

5. Traci - CricutJunkie - California

6. Donna - Popsicle Toes - California

7. Sandra - 365 Days of Cricut - California

8. Brandi and Amber - Kwerky Krafts & Amber's Craft and Stuff - Texas

9. KSD Creations - Georgia

10. Kim - Scrapin Mom of One Inspiring Little Boy - Pennsylvania

11. Coolbeans By L.B.  - Illinois (HA That's ME!!!)

12. Kate - Small Bits of Paper - Canada

13. Claire - Crafty Cow Creations -New South Wales, Australia

14. Michelle - My Life as a Wannabe Scrapper - Western Australia

15. HOME! (Back to Chloe)


  1. I can't wait for Jacob to visit your house! I know he will help you out so much! PLUS he looking forward to date night with Barbie dolls! (He knows all my scrapping secrets too!)

  2. This is pretty darn funny! I love Jacob, maybe I should get me one of those assistants! XD I can't wait to see what he does at all his stops.

  3. Exciting! He will need a good dose of Barbie after he sees what awaits in my craft room!


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