Wednesday, April 13, 2011

OMG...Showtime tomorrow

I know that every year I work on a show and every year the days before the show things go wrong and students get nervous and well it looks like we will never be ready...BUT they always pull it out and this year will be no different they will be amazing and wonderful and shine like bright stars.

Alice in Wonderland rehearsals until 6:30 PM mean very little time for scrapping, but I have some fun set pieces to share with you tomorrow (have to upload the photos after final dress rehearsal tonight) and I made this banner that is absolutely one of my favorite projects ever that I will be sharing with you on Saturday. I have been dong pretty good posting everyday so forgive me if you visit everyday and I have no project for you. I love sharing this on this blog and love creating (major stress relief even duirng the show), but right now the show is so number one and almost here.


  1. Very nice blog I'm a new follower from the love link up party!

  2. Everything will go well!! All your hard work will pay off. Break a leg kids!!!!


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