Friday, April 22, 2011

Paint Bucket Take 2

About two weeks ago I worked on a project with one of those super fun plastic paint buckets you can get at most craft stores now. I was not totally happy with the first paint bucket that I made and wanted to try again using printable vinyl and my Imagine machine. I was getting ready for a swap with another Circle member so I made this back when my Imagine was working.
This time worked much much better than my first attempt in which the paper I used to cover the bucket would not stay on well and the letters were peeling off on the curves of the bucket.

I picked my cut from Cricut Everyday on my Imagine and colored it in with the green from the basic menu. Than I used the same crown as before off Nursery Rhymes and colored it in as well.  I used the cut and print feature on the Imagine and put a sheet of Adhesive Backed printable vinyl on the mat to cut with. I made sure to change the settings on my Imagine for this in the setup menu.  The cuts went on the bucket so much better and looked great. I added some little gems and a matching ribbon to hold the opener for the container.

I am much happier with these results and I think Greengirl will be as well as I sent her this better bucket as part of our spring swap.


  1. This would be a great addition to any craft room. I'm sure Greengirl will love it!!

  2. This is so cool! It really caught my eye in the reading list! TFS! It has made me want to go make one but in pink lol

  3. You bet I love it!! :)

    Thank you!!


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