Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Special checkbook Cover...for me??

I recently won the honor (I say honor because this things is so beautiful) of having a checkbook cover made for me by Quilt Frog at Just Call Me a Crafty Frog. She was celebrating her birthday and had some wonderful blog candy giveaways...I won 3 times!!! There are some wonderful projects on her blog and I  hope you will go check them out and become a follower because she has great ideas. Make sure you check out her Garden Wordbook (look in her labels under wordbook) and her classroom projects and treats. Sometimes I am amazed at what us teachers fin time to do, but often some of our best work is for our classrooms which inspire creativity like you can not believe!!
Inside (even with plastic for carbon)
She asked me what colors and patterns I liked and I told her: green, blue, purple and polka dots. Did she deliver or what? I mean talk about an awesome blog candy gift. My husband says we will never loose the checkbook again because the colors are so fun. PLUS..she put the Cricut on the cover!!!  So fun.
Back with pen holder and her unique tag (frog included!!)


  1. Glad you like it!!!! I had fun making it.

  2. That really was awesome blog candy, and it sounds like you will very much treasure her work!


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