Monday, April 11, 2011

Wish List Book

Simply Charmed cupcake with Cuttin' Up Letters.
My daughter, who is almost 14...I mean 5 (it feels like 14 some days) is pretty clear about what she is looking for in a gift. She sets her mind to things and she consistently asks for that thing until she gets it or decides she no longer wants it (I admit she is a little spoiled so it is usually the first). This past Christmas she asked for roller skates. We told her that if she got roller skates she would not get to use them until spring so maybe she should ask for something else. She understood and gave us a few other ideas. I thought with all the other things she has mentioned that the roller skates were forgotten, but with her birthday approaching we asked again and she told us, "You said roller skates were a better birthday present, so that is what I want."

I wanted a way to keep track of the things she is asking for so we could tell other people what she would like when we are asked and to help us help her make her choices. She is learning that even though she wants a lot she will not get everything so telling us what is most important to her is a good practice I think.
After she saw it, my daughter asked if we could add a little bling in the candle flame!
She has been asking me for a fun notebook so I decided that I would make her a notebook where we could hold her wish list. She had so much fun going through my cartridge handbooks, but in the end settled on this cupcake and candle from Simply Charmed because you make wishes when you blow out the candles. Instead of cutting the little face out I used a Peachy Keen Stamp from the Dolly Dumplins 3/4" set.


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