Monday, May 9, 2011

For My Daughter

My daughter wanted to have a scrapbook of her own to put her pictures in and decorate pages with stickers and other things (she has shown a small interest in using the Cricut so that excites me). I bought her this cute 8 x 8 pink one during the holidays and when I was getting ready to go on my scrapbooking weekend she asked if I would bring it with and get her started with a fun page.

I couldn't say no of course. I decided to do a two page spread of her using some photos I had printed out of her with some of her closest girlfriends at preschool. She will soon be leaving this school to go to Kindergarten and neither girl will go to the same school with her anymore. I want her to always remember these fun times in case we do not stay close to these friends anymore (but I have a feeling we will as one of the Moms is someone I scrapbook with often).

One of the things I love best about using the Gypsy is the search tool. Many carts have a cut that says "friends" so instead of going back to one I know is there and I have used before I did a quick search to friend out which of my cartridges has a cut that said this. This time I picked the "friends" cut off one of my newer carts, Give A Hoot. This cart has great images and sayings on it. and I love the font used in those sayings.
I used Give A Hoot for the cute apple tag I made as well. I found it by searching over the Give A Hoot booklet. I know a lot of people put those books away in storage now that tools like the Gypsy and Craft Room are around, but I find looking through a booklet can give me a lot of inspiration. This was an image I would never have thought of but it fits just right. I added a sparkle brad to give the layout a little bling.
My daughter was very excited. She asked if I would teach her how to make a page just like this one.  A dream come true and an honest compliment! Now that my craft space has been all fixed up I think we can work on that request a little more. I will post pictures of my cleaned up and reorganized space this week.


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