Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teacher Thank Yous

It is Teacher Appreciation week!
I try to do something simple, but nice for my daughter's preschool teachers each year. While I was gone over the weekend I was making a mini notebook for another gift. I was using a small composition notebook like the one here on the side and my friend Tammy said that would make a great gift for teacher week. She went over to the local Target and picked up a whole bunch of these little notebooks (2 for a dollar) and I taught all the other ladies how I make these fun little notebooks. Now that I say that I so  wish I had taken picture of each step so I could show you but that will have to happen on another day soon (I promise).

Here are the results for my daughter's teachers; I used Hello Kitty Font for the letters and flowers on both.

These other notebooks do not have and Cricut cuts, but I love how they turned out. They were made by another member in my group to give to her kids teachers. She also made a few for her Mom and grandma.
For my daughter's teachers I also made these cute gift bags to put the notebooks in. I cut the apple from Give A Hoot and the lettering is from one of my new go to fonts, Alphalicious. To all the teachers out there, thanks for being in our children's lives.

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  1. Great gifts .. these will be so appreciated! And so unique!


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