Monday, June 20, 2011

Almost a Year!

On July 19 I will have been blogging for one year! When I started this blog I did not really think I would be able to keep it up the way I have. I am super excited that my first year is almost over and I am overjoyed with my results.

- About 165 posts as of now and more planned and ready to post
- Almost 150 followers and I love the fun comments they leave me.
- Many great scrapbook pages, cards and other fun projects shared with people.
- One blog hop completed and hopefully more to come.
- Completed several challenges and had fun looking at all the entries.
- Getting ready to Welcome Jacob and the clip on Koala soon as part of his travels.

I am not sure how I am going to celebrate one 1 year blog anniversary so any ideas would be greatly welcomed. I know I have several things I would like to do as giveaways to celebrate and maybe create my own blog hop to celebrate??  What do you  think I should do?


  1. wooooo! Well deserved celebration, you are a fabulous blogger with awesome different ideas and a great chatty read. You make me feel like I am in your living room. My idea: ummmmmm Hold a challenge! An anniversary challenge. You can use one free inky link without charge like I did and get people to link up any project about an anniversary of any kind they celebrated. Jacob and his Clip on Koala can not wait to be there!


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