Saturday, June 25, 2011

Coming Soon...It's A Wrap Blog Hop

I decided that one way I would celebrate being a blogger for a year is by having my very own blog hop. This year I started making a lot of gift bags. I had never done this before, but saw someone post one on their blog and tried it out. Now I make them all the time and it is so fun to personalize them.  Let's face it opening a present is super fun and there are all kinds of ways people can wrap them. I wanted my hop to celebrate this new fun crafting project I discovered this year. So....
For this hop each blog will present a wrapping project: gift bag, box, gift card holder or other fun idea for wrapping gifts. The only limit is imagination! Here are the details for this Hop:

It's A Wrap
Blog Hop
Saturday, July 16th
Each blog will feature a gift wrapping item they crafted or embellished.

THERE ARE still a few opening if you wish to be part of the blog hop! Send me a message so I can add you to our list! I will send you the details for our fun hop.

I hope you will visit during the hop and celebrate with me as I get closer and closer ending my first year as a blogger. It really has been so much fun. I will soon have a blinkie to post for this hop.


  1. How exciting! Great idea to celebrate your one year bloggiversary. You always make awesome gift bags. xx

  2. What a cool way to spend a Blogoversary! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Can't wait this will be a fun blog hop. Congrats on your blogoversary too..



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