Thursday, June 23, 2011

Disney Surprise (Pre-made Page)

I saw that Liza over at Hoo's Crafty was surprising her kids with a trip to Disney World. It is just like all the fun commercials they have right now for Disney and I hoped they were able to snap some photos when they told the kids at lunch (right before they went to the airport!!) You can read her whole post by clicking on the link above.
Over on the Cricut Circle Message Board there has been a lot of talk about how hard it is to make a layout without having the photos. I decided that this was my challenge for my next project! I wanted to make a pre-made layout with out the photos. I decided I would make a "Disney Surprise" layout in honor of the Hoo's Crafty family trip.

I wanted to have a very simple page thinking that after the photos were picked out other simple elements like stickers or favorite characters could be added if desired. I laid out the letter cuts on my Gypsy, using Mickey Font, making sure I had enough room around them to cut the page down and have the black layer behind. They were cut at about a 1 1/4 inch each with the 2 Mickey heads at 1 inch. I also rotated the Mickey Heads 30 degrees to get the look I wanted.

I used the wonderful ATG to put the white layer onto of a black background and glued on the small extra pieces of the white letters using one of my new favorite tools Zig 2 Way Glue. Then I used some photos I have and made the triple layer backgrounds for the photos. I made one a 3x5 and one a 4x6. I measured with my 12-inch cutter using the blade side as my guide for getting the sides even.
I felt that it needed a few extra touches so I added on a piece of fun ribbon and a fun crystal Mickey I had from our trip last summer. I made sure when I pasted everything down that you could still add the photos underneath the layer and ribbon.
I am even more excited about this lay because in September I am surprising my daughter as well. She has no idea, but I have booked a day trip for us to the Magic Kingdom for the Not So Scary Halloween Party. We will arrive late on a Thursday and spend the whole day Friday in the Magic Kingdom. After a short rest at the hotel we will be back 7-midnight for the Halloween fun!! We will fly home Saturday afternoon. I am overjoyed with this secret and have many ideas for what I want to scrap and get ready for our trip. Now I just have to remember I made this layout.

I am linking this up to the Thursday Link Up Party at patches of Pink. Click on her button in the column to go see other fun projects or all crafty types!


  1. I love your layout. I'm so glad you challenged yourself to do a pre-made page. I used to think I couldn't do it either, but I'm having a lot of fun with my pages lately. I just leave off the titles and embellishments until I pick my pictures. It's actually a lot more fun for me to change it up this way. Cindy

  2. WOW!!!! She is going to be so excited!!!! And your layout is awesome!

  3. I love it!!! Can you believe that our video camera and my iPad pooped out on us at the exact moment!! I do have some great shots on the plane and in the airport. We will definitely be making one of these layouts this week! I can't wait to hear about your trip. We had SO MUCH FUN!!!


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