Monday, June 20, 2011

Drawer Labels

For Mother's Day, my husband bought me this awesome storage piece at Jo Ann's. I was so excited to get it filled up with my crafting supplies. It has allowed me to move all my major supplies, including my stamps and Cuttlebug, into my craft room with me instead of out in the hallways dresser I was using.

I have been wanting to put labels on the drawers to remind me what was in each one. I bought some Cricut Full Adhesive-Backed Printable Vinyl and used my Imagine to create the following fun labels.
Make sure you  follow the blade depth
settings on the package!!
The top draw is where I keep my 12 inch cutters and extra blades for all my machines, so I picked this fun cut from Imagine More to put on that drawer.
The next 2 drawers hold my Your Story materials (so getting lucky finding covers and laminating tools for cheap)and my stamps and ink pads(another growing collection). I used the Cricut Everyday cartridge to make the Your Story logo and did my best to match the colors off the basic color palette on my Imagine. The white layer for the book went on so easily. I cut the letters for "stamps" using Nursery Rhymes and a pattern form Imagine More.
The final drawer is holding a few things: some paper album kits from Creative Memories, a few stacks of 4x6 paper and a collection of longer stickers and ribbon I recently used. I figured the best label for this drawers would be, Odds and Ends. I used Boys Will Be Boys font and the fun "Here" art off Imagine More Cards. 

This project took about 15 minutes and I love the simple look of my drawers now. Not to mention I played with my imagine finally and used 5 different carts. Hope you enjoy.  I have to admit the urge to put printable vinyl on everything in sight is very strong after seeing how easy this was to do. REMEMBER: Follow the blade depth (set at 2) instructions on the package!


  1. Awesome crafty goodness!!! I love what you have done with your new present. And kudos to the hubby for awesome gift giving!

  2. Awesome. I'm gonna have to get some of that printable vinyl. Your fancy pants, oops I mean drawers, look great. Cindy

  3. OH! Now I must play with printable vinyl! What an awesome use for it!

    OK - how can I get your DH in touch with mine so he can coach him on the kind of gifts I want! Hahaha. Wonderful present and I am sure will get many, many years of use!
    Nadia (With Glittering Eyes blog)


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