Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Girls Rule: Imagine Card 3

Today I bring you the third card of my Imagine Cartridge exploration. Today's card uses art and patterns off the Best Friends Imagine cartridge. To be honest this is not one of my favorite carts as far as the art images go. I do not have many ideas for how I will use all  the cute little girls featured on the cart, but I love the patterns on it.
I wanted to make a simple note card so I pulled out Spring Holiday Cards for the card and envelope. This cartridge has very simple cards that you slide into different backing layers. The machine even cuts the slits for you. It offers some really fun Valentine's, St. Patrick's Day and Easter Options. I choose the backing that looks like the edges of a stamp for my card base. I picked patterns off the Best Friends Cart to fill this and the envelope in with and decided that I would just cut some card stock to slide into the slits.

This silly, but so fun "Girls Rule, Boys Drool" art on Best Friends makes me laugh so I choose that as the main image on my card. I also used the flower off another art and just changed the pattern using my Imagine.  Of course the flower need just a little bling.
I hope you have a Happy Wednesday!


  1. Cute card. I should make something like that for my nieces. The younger ones at least. All the older ones are boy crazy right now. LOL

  2. This came out super I love that cartridge I just got my imagine and am so thrilled with it.


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