Friday, June 10, 2011

He Called Me What???

Everyone thinks that it is funny that one of the first things my husband ever did when we met is call me a SNOT! He really did!

We were both going to college is Marshall, Minnesota. I am from a suburb of Chicago and he from the Twin Cities. He was on the orientation staff at my college- helping freshman get to know the school (and totally flirt with them as far I as could tell). He was asking a group of us where we were from and I told him I was from Chicago (I found this easier than trying to explain to people where I was from as everyone asked). He asked if I was from the city or the suburbs and i explained where I was from anyways. He looked at me with the most adorable cocky smile and said, "So your a suburban snot?!" I knew than I liked him!
Now almost 15 years later I am so glad he called me a snot. Now that I have an album I am working on with pages Just 4 Me I decided to make one about this moment in our lives. I had the photo of him laying down in a box. This was taken right around the time we met and the other is him at a wedding a few years back.
I found a bunch of coordinating paper to layer on the side for this page and cut off the extra to do the lettering and layering on the page. The letters were cut using Cuttin' Up.

I am happy to be posting my projects again and working towards my Summer Goals...but this one really doesn't count because I made it during my scrapbook weekend. I just had not shared it yet! I hope you will visit often this summer while I work on my goals...which now have their own tab!


  1. Great layout! Way to record that memory for you and your husband!!

  2. What a cute/funny memory. Love the LO

  3. What a fun story and perfect layout for it!

  4. Love the story behind the page! The layering was really cool too!
    Peeking in from Scrappingmamma's link party:)

  5. awe what a lovely story! Thank-you for sharing it with your layout its perfect! I'm a new follower of yours:-)"I'm also peeking in from Scrappingmamma's link up party"
    Thank-you for joining me!
    Deborah (AKA~ Scrappingmamma)

  6. Really cute layout. Love the story behind it.

    peeking in from the" scrappingmammas link up party"

  7. Awe, that's such a great story. Peeking in from Scrappingmamma's link up party.

  8. What a sweet story! One worth scrapping for sure. Good luck with your goals. I'm your newest follower! Just peeking in from Scrappymommas Link Up Party.
    Kathie AKA Kathlee

  9. I'm peeking in from Scrappingmamma's link up party!! I'm already a follower!! :)

    What a sweet layout with a sweet story -- I always love hearing the meaning behind interesting titles like yours!! :)

    Amy :) at


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