Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Make it Work for You!

On Mother's Day we had a 40th birthday party to attend. I had been getting over being sick and was lucky to find time run to the store to pick up a gift card quickly so when I realized that i needed to wrap the gift card up quickly I added just the smallest little touches to this bag I had received my own gift in and made it work for the birthday present. The tissue paper that my gift came with just made the choice of this butterfly from Give A Hoot just right. I love how you have the two layers on these designs to make them just a touch prettier. This bag while a simple fixed up reused bag was the talk of the party!!

1 comment:

  1. Such a gorgeous idea. Love it when we can whip up something so quick and people think you are AMAZING for it, yet we all know it's just a push of a chirpin button! Love the cricut! That butterfly is just gorgeous with the flourish... convincing me to take a second look at Give a Hoot now! Haven't got that one yet! Love your bag. xx


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