Thursday, June 9, 2011

Schools out for Summer

School is finally done! With the extra two days added on because of our super snow days earlier in the year and moving graduation to this week it felt like the year would never be over. I had to go into work the day after graduation for some planning meetings and yesterday I had a full day of dentist appointments for myself and today if officially my first day off! 

In all seriousness I am ready to start doing some scrapping again so the rain is a welcome blessing today as I get organized and start back in on fun projects! I spent the last 2 months working on other things and now I am ready to get into summer scrapping. I am going to set myself some scrapping goals and hopefully can attack them with gusto (love that word).

SUMMER GOALS #1: (deadline July 9)
- Use at least 30 cartridges during the month in some way (one cut counts)
- See  how close I can get to my August goal of using all my carts once in a year
- Finish at least 15 scrapbook layouts (double pages count as 1)
- Make 5 cards
- Make a stamp with my stampmaker
- Use my Your Story to do something

Wish me luck and please share your love with me as I finish and share projects with you.


  1. OOOH, so jealous. Only 5 days left for me. But I am making my list of summer crafting goals too. Good Luck on yours. Using 30 carts in a month could be interesting.

  2. Sounds like a great plan! Good Luck:)


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