Monday, June 27, 2011

You Take The Cake: Imagine Card

Thankfully after 3 days of getting some rest (and medicine) I was able to pick myself up out of bed and be fully immersed in my craft room.

I have been wanting to work with my Imagine machine for some time now. For those who do not know, I had to go through 3 machines before  I got it right. I want anyone who reads that and think " way am I getting an Imagine now," to know the following: in one case I had a very common first shipping error and a shipping accident knocked the blade off track.  It was only the one  machine that really had an odd malfunction and Provo Craft was so amazing working with me to get the machine right and sending them 4 separate times. I would so go through it all over again for this machine.

Today, I decided that I would just play around with the different cartridges and make some cards using the images and patterns on them. I made this little note card and envelope using only the Yummy Imagine cart first, but will be making more to share with you the rest of the week.
This is a note card I am using to send some photos to my great-aunt in Kentucky.  I so did not pay attention to the measurements when I did this, but it all folded up and fits my 3 1/2 x 5 inch photos perfectly so I got lucky. The for the envelope basically filled the whole 12x12 mat.
Envelope from cart
I used the tri-fold card and envelope right off the cartridge (without changing anything) and than added the "you take the cake" and other basic  cake cuts to give my card a little more flair. The back layer of the cake on the note card is the "you take the cake" layer recolored with a different matching pattern.
Folded card with extra pieces added.
I used little Zots for this.
I am going to make some more cards with my Imagine to share with you. I am so happy to have a working Imagine.


  1. Love the notecard and what a cutie in the picture! I am sure your Kentucky great-aunt will love it!
    Nadia (With Glittering Eyes blog)

  2. Super cute... the notecard and the darling little girl! :)

  3. Awesome card! It makes me want to play with my Imagine now!

  4. Great cards! I need to try using this function.


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