Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kisses Bag

Today I am getting 2 teeth pulled! YEAH! I am trying to look at it form the positive side
- All the ice cream, pudding, & jello I want
- Everyone rushed to take care of me
- Oh yeah, no more pain in my mouth from the tooth.

One of my friends joked with me that I just need to have a lot of chocolate before going in and I will be all smiles the whole time. It made me think of this fun stamp I have. It is from the Inkadinkado Friendly Advice collection...
(I cut off the name and age part of the stamp)
After thinking about it I had to make her a fun little bag with her favorite chocolates inside. I used the wonderful Tags, Bags, Boxes and More for the mini bag (set to fit to page I believe) and the rest I did by hand. I even made cute little kiss tags.


  1. Yummy treat, I mean bag. Very cute. Good luck with the dentist. I need to go to but really don't want to. I suppose I will have to be brave like you!

  2. You are just rocking out these packaging ideas! Too cute!!!

  3. Oh man! Not only is this adorable, it's making me want chocolate!!! I am a chocoholic! :)


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