Thursday, July 28, 2011

No Cricut Thursday #4: You & Me Layout

Everyone says my daughter and I are very much alike and it is true..we are. She is like a mini-me in many many ways. This photo taken of us recently shows her true spirit I think and my husband says it shows me as well. I have been buying stuff again.

Naughty me! What I have been buying is page kits. I have seen some really great layouts done with these kits and so now I am drawn to them whenever I see them on sale. I love my Cricut machines and could use them on every layout, but two things have occurred to me recently:

1. I use my Cricuts so often that I forget all the other wonderful tools.
2. I get more layouts done when i use page kits on some of my basic layouts.

So...I have been looking out for page kits that I think I can use right away. I do not need to add to my paper and supply collection so I try and only buy kits I think I can take home, open and create with right away (pictures already in hand!)

For this layout of me and my daughter I used a kit from America Crafts called "Letterbox". I got it for about $7 and it came loaded with fun things: 8 12x12 patterned papers, 2 12x12 solid cardstock, 6 4.5x6.5 solid photo mounts, 11 phrase stickers, 3 flair stickers (look like buttons), a set of alpha cardboard stickers and 2 ribbons (4 feet each).

I only used some of the supplies for this layout (the only thing not from the kits is the printed out journal entry which I cut with my circle cutter) and still have a lot of supplies leftover to create more fun layouts or cards. When you set a goal of getting pages done these types of kits really come in handy, and often you can add to them with your own tools and tricks.

The start of wedding weekend is here so things are a little crazy. I hope everyone has a wonderful last week of July. I  look forward to being back next week with a new project everyday!


  1. Nice layout. Super cute picture. I like kits too. I just have soooo much stuff right now that I am not buying anything! Have fun at the wedding. Cindy

  2. great job on this cricut-less LO

  3. Very nice layout L.B. I am always afraid of these kits because I think I will end up wasting so much of it.

    I appreciate you showing us how easily and nicely it can be done.

    Sabrina @

  4. Beatiful LO! Great picture!

    Hope you are enjoying your summer off. The teachers are back to work today where we are! Yikes! Where has the summer gone?!


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