Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Goals part 2

Well, I made myself some summer goals for the first part of summer and it is time to reflect on those and than move on to some new ones for the second part of my summer.

SUMMER GOALS #1: (deadline July 9)
- Use at least 30 cartridges in some way (one cut counts)
   I used 35 carts this month in some way shape or form. 
- Get closer to my August goal
  I used 7 carts that I had not used since last August!
- Finish at least 15 scrapbook layouts
  OOPS I only got about 4 layouts down in the time frame.
- Make 5 cards
  I am happy I got 5 fun cards down (several with my Imagine!)
- Make a stamp with my stampmaker
  I did this and it was a learning process for me! More coming.
- Use my Your Story to do something
   I just did not get to this yet. Maybe soon.

Overall I am happy with what  I got done the first part of my summer. Now it is time to move onto some new goals. For the second part of summer I am going to focus on getting caught up with my scrapbooking so the layout goal is actually going up! Lets see:

SUMMER GOALS #2: (July 10 - August 10)
- Create 20 scrapbook layouts
- Use at least 40 cartridges in someway
- Take part in at least 15 challenges during the month

I am only going to have 3 goals for this second half, but I have a good feeling about them. You can check on my progress in my Summer Goals Tab during the next few weeks. (I admit I already got started.)


  1. Love your goals. Those are a lot of cartridges to use though. I don't think I could do it. I'll have to think of some goals too and follow along. :-)

  2. That's a good idea to set goals for crafting... I'm glad to see you met most of yours! :)

  3. YAY!!!! for the layouts!!! Loving that. You did well on your goals. If you want some challenges at your fingertips for July and Aug, I keep an easy read list going at Daisy Challenge FB group. xx


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