Sunday, July 3, 2011

This weekend's project...

This week my husband and I looked around our home and decided that we needed to do some work. The house is over 100 years old and has some odd shaped spaces, plus it is all wood floors. The dust piles up pretty quick and often during this time of year I get a little lazy about cleaning. We decided that the whole house needs a top to bottom overhaul:

- clean
- organize
- re-paint some walls
- get rid of things.

We got to talking (around 1 in the morning)  and decided to start in the living room. We have had the same couch and love seat for 8 years and they are huge! So huge that he love seat is on the front entryway of our home instead of in the living room. We had seating for only 3 people in the living room: which would be fine for us...except my in-laws just moved from Minnesota and they live around the corner. seating for 5 would be much better. 

We ended up with seating for about 7!!!  Thank you Ikea. We picked out a simple corner couch that we love and it has a chaise lounge for me to read on.  It will fill the space and still allow the room we want...BUT if you have ever bought anything form Ikea you know it all requires you to put it together.
The truck is on it's way this morning (it broke down yesterday so we had to wait) and we will have a different kind of craft project today. Stay tuned for some photos!!

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