Saturday, August 20, 2011

Activity Wall Display

I have taken over the walls in my school. Last year I made this fun display for our Back to School fair that was called Think About Getting Involved and my principal asked me a week ago when I was going to put up the new one for this year. I was very flattered, but had no idea what I was going to do this year. I actually was thinking I would wait and put up something else after the fair. My principal mentioned how many compliments she received at our start of the year Institute days and...she hoped I could do it again. SO.....
I once again made a display for every club or sport we offer at my school. Instead of just talking about the Back to School fair I wanted to encourage getting involved in a simple way. I found these great cuts for words on Graphically Speaking and that inspired my whole display: experience, learn, discover, enjoy, play. I cute them using a 12x24 mat so I could make them extra big for the wall.
I made a little white block for each club or sport (George and Basic Shapes) and choose to use red letters and black symbols to represent the activity. It is funny what you remember from an old project...I actually felt like I was using all the same things so I went back and tried to make sure that I did not reuse the images or lettering I did last year (In some cases no choice, but hey I tried).
There are 21 different offerings for students at my school and we have a great percentage of kids who take part in them so I was happy to put the wall together once again and when my principal saw it she had a huge smile on her face.

Now... many of you know I am trying really hard to use my cartridges and have put myself on a 2 month spending freeze for craft items. This project was very helpful for using those carts and some of my 12x24 paper stacks (I have too many). So helpful that all the carts I used will not fit into the labels sections so I put the only the ones that were repeated, is the whole list and a few close ups of the blocks.
Games cut from Slumber Party, Dice Old West
Graphically Speaking (large words), George and Basic Shapes (white blocks), Alphalicious (yearbook), Slumber Party (Games), Billionaire (Chess), Nifty 50's (Band), Quarter Note (Orchestra, trumpet),
Sports Mania (Soccer, track symbol, soccer ball, runners), Birthday Bash (Track & field), Boys Will Be Boys (Art), Birthday Cakes (Drama), Art Philisophy (Spanish), Cursive 101 (Student Council),
Cuttin' Up (Computer), Designer's Calender (Cross Country), Don Juan (Robotics), Hannah Montana Font (Lit. Mag), Jubilee (Basketball), Lyrical Letters (Intramurals), Varsity Letter (Wrestling),
Old West (dice), Everyday Pop-up Cards (violin), Songbird (sing), Micket Font (Cheer), Locker Talk (books, computer, clapboard), Everyday Paper Dolls (megaphone)
26 TOTAL CARTS (hopefully I did nto leave any out!) Look out Monday for the Main hallway welcome back wall (Only used 2 carts, but it looks good!!)  1 More things I am putting this in as part of the No Challenge Challenge at Little Scrap Pieces to help celebrate her birthday and the Cricut 360 Challege Blog Challenge #8 Back to School and Die Cuttin Divas Challenge #28 Back to School.


  1. Great Job! I love all of the little icons you found. I am always amazed at the shapes available on the creative features that get overlooked. Way to go on using ALL of your carts, well maybe not ALL of them. But....

  2. What a great project....26 carts!...i thought i was doing well when i used 5 on one project. ;) great way to start the year...

  3. thank you so much for linking this on my blog it a very clever project!

  4. Holy amazing! This will remind kids of clubs they forgot about or didn't even know about. Great job Mrs. B!

  5. Wow! Fabulous and fun. Thanks for joining us at Cricut360 and DCD.


  6. Holy WoW!!!! I just love your school project....Thanks for sharing your project with us at DCD!!!

    Die Cutting Diva

  7. You did a great job and I am really impressed with how many carts you used. Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a wonderful project! Thank you for sharing your talent with the school! I know it is appreciated. Great job!

  9. WOW--what a ton of work! So glad you joined us at Cricut360 this week!


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