Monday, August 8, 2011

Aqua Expression

I bought the wonderful Plum (I called it Pink) Expression the day after Thanksgiving and have worked it hard ever since. Recently it has given me a little trouble if I do get the mat in just right and I had it totally crunch a mat..very scary thinking I had lost the machine completely...BUT it is fine and will be going to my classroom because....

I bought a new Aqua Expression at Walmart this afternoon. It was 110 but I bought the protection plan for 10 because the lady told me they will replace it completely if anything goes wrong for a full year.  Now I have a brand new E and am happy happy happy to have it work perfectly.


  1. Pretty! I am sure it is ready to be worked to death as you start creating for you classroom.

  2. Well congrats on getting another Cricut! I love this color!

  3. OOOOOO so pretty! I am so looking forward to taking my cricut into the classroom when I get back to work! LOVE Miss Aqua... Make sure she does her daily aquarobics!

  4. Cute! I am thinking I may be needing to get a new E sometime in the future. Sometimes she just makes crazy noises. Not sure what's going on with her - typical woman! HAHAHAHA :) :) :)

  5. Congrats! I bought my Aqua on Black Friday and really enjoyed using it. It cut like a dream, but was a little bit noisy! Great price! Enjoy!


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