Friday, August 26, 2011

Lunch Box Cards 1

A friend of mine told me she puts a note in her daughter's lunch box everyday (and her daughter is 10). I thought about it and decided that while I did not think it would be as special if I did it everyday, I would  try and have some fun notes for my daughter's lunch box. I wanted these to be simple (my daughter can not fully read yet) and fun for her. 

So far I have made just 4 and used only 1 (for the first day of school). I have been able to mix and match some of my scraps for these which makes it even more fun.
This is the card from the first day of school. No Cricut here, but she loved this monkey paper the DCWV Animal Crackers 8x8 stack

These next two used simple cuts on my Cricut. The hugs and kisses cut is from Wild Card and the love is from All Mixed up.

The final one I did using these fun jeweled stickers I bought for out special trip to Disney World coming up (so excited about this...only a month away). It is for Halloween time if you couldn't tell.

I plan on making many more over the year...especially seeings as she has asked for one sweet!. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow I will be sharing the fun gift bag I made for her first day of school.


  1. Such a great idea, these are so sweet!! I bet she enjoys opening her lunch box and finding these!!

  2. Adorable cards. Love the monkeys on the first one.

  3. These are so fun! I really enjoy the Halloween one!

    One school year I put a note inside the lunch boxes every single day, the next year I did it randomly.

    Now if I stuck a note in the lunch they would probably tell me they died of embarrassment! Hmmm maybe just one!


  4. cute mini cards! they're adorable- mostly the spider!

  5. These are very fun cards,they will no doubt make your daughter's day!

  6. What a fun way to connect school and home! This will be a memory your daughter will treasure!

  7. Adorable! I write my daughter notes on napkins everyday for her lunch. I love this idea of little lunchbox cards!! Maybe a few a week and the rest of her napkin. Thanks for the great idea!

  8. she will remember this all her live and smile when she tells the story of the notes you gave her...

  9. These cards are really cute. I love going back and seeing past projects.

  10. I have been looking all over your blog, and you seriously are the Queen of cards!! What beautiful work



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