Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SMART sign

Tomorrow is my official first day back at work. I love the start of a new school year and am looking forward to the students starting next week Monday.
If you are a teacher you most likely have heard of SMART goals. To put it simply, these are overall goals a school creates to help bring student achievement up. Our school is constantly working with these goals and updating them. At the start of the year we always review and discuss them. One of the things we have been working hard on is getting out middle school students to understand the importance of these school-wide goals and how they can show growth in their learning. This year we wanted to post the goals all over the school and we wanted students and parents in the building to be able to identify them at ease. I created these SMART signs (8 of them) to hang all over the building above our goal charts and write-ups.

I used the stop sign shape on Going Places to make the basic sign and white layer in back. I used the wonderful hide/contour button on my Gypsy to hide the STOP letters and after a long search I selected Printing 101 for the letters inside the signs. I un-slanted the letters with my Gypsy as well. My principal was very excited with these.  Happy Back to School to all!


  1. Love, Love, Love them! I may have to scraplift this one for my classroom. :)

  2. Have a wonderful school year! This is a great way to get the kids motivated! Nice sign!

  3. Love it. They need these in the community too! lol.


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