Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Goals Part 2: Epic Fail!

- I only used 25 carts. (Wanted to use 40)
- I only got 6 layouts completed (no where near my 20)
- I only entered 3 challenges (not 15)
OH well, I got a lot of things done in my house, made a few cards for Operation Write Home, stood up in a wedding that required travel to Minnesota two weekends in a row, started getting my classroom ready for my new students, spent time with my soon to be Kindergarten daughter (school shopping is fun with her) and overall had a great time this summer. SOOOOOO no complaints at all about not reaching my goals. Starting in September I am going to be making monthly goals for myself and hopefully will be able to keep them with the school year starting.


  1. If you are going to do it well! If you fail...make it EPIC! Sounds like you had a wonderful AND PRODUCTIVE summer! Have fun setting your Fall Goals!

  2. Hey, LB, I think you did darn good on those goals. You have created quite a lot. AND had fun doing it.


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