Sunday, August 14, 2011

Too many Carts??? 2 Month FREEZE!

I guess that they make them so we will buy them and this week I have been buying them. I know that I am by no means the top collector of carts. I have 154 Cricut carts in total. Last summer I started this blog and made a list of all my carts. I realized I had some that I had never used and I have been challenging myself to use them all in someway..even a small little cut. I thought I was doing pretty good until I figured out that I have bought soooo many since I started the challenge so my list of carts to use is growing fast. In one week I have added to my collection x13

- 4 with the Menard's rebate offer (4.99 a cart are you kidding me)
- 1 with my first order from Close to My Heart (a new addiction)
- 2 just out of the box at Joann's Event/Project Carts
      (I made them go to the back to get them - the cards were out)
- 2 with the special teacher weekend at Joann's (already on sale)
- 1 Cake cat in the clearance section of Hobby Lobby
- 3 carts ordered with rewards points.

I HAVE TO STOP!!! SO Not a single new cart will be purchased by me for at least 2 months. I will already be getting Sophie with my Circle membership so for at least 2 months nothing else.  AND to add to this I am not going to buy anything craft related except adhesives (as needed only) for this time as well.  I have enough and I need to just use what I have.  SO...wish me luck and stop but to see what I am working on form time to time!!


  1. Oh my! You did have a bit of fun with carts, didn't you? Ouch! Can't wait to see what you do with them all!

  2. I was thinking the same thing today I got two new carts a Christmas and then just won one not too long ago have use them....good luck hope you don't suffer too much withdrawal

  3. I have about the same amount of carts as you do and I agree.. it is SO difficult not to buy the new ones that come out and that are super adorable. I need to adopt the same "No buying cartridges for 2 months" as At least I am going to try. It is so hard because I LOVE to buy any craft related supply items. Good luck on your 2 months no buying.. I hope you will make it.. I know you can do it!! Terri of Two Pink Peas

  4. Totally understand. I want the CTMH cart but we just had to replace the AC so need to cut back on craft stuff.

  5. Good luck with the 2 month Freeze! I will be sending others to join you after Sept 1! The "Using Your Stash" challenge on the Circle Message board will be over and I am going to suggest they join your thread! You can do this!!

  6. Ok, I posted it on my blog so I guess it's official, I'm with ya!

  7. Let's keep other going! I really enjoy your messages on my blog, they make my day.

  8. Good luck to you!! I'm too much of a chicken to try this, I love to spend my "allowance" (self inflicted!) on scrap stuff, sometimes the scrapbook steals emails are just too tempting! :-) Maybe someday I'll join you...

  9. I saw your challenge on the Cricut Message Board, and I would love to join in. I am starting today! -- Julie from

  10. Oh My Gosh. If you manage to do this you will officially be my Hero. I have tried. Failed. Love your resolve!


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