Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome Back Mustangs!

Today is the first day of school for my students. After two days of meetings last week I am happy to welcome my 8th graders back. I know people say I am crazy, but I look forward to the start of the school years every year. I see so much potential in a new class and I have no doubt they will bring me all the challenges and successes I enjoy.

 My school's mascot is the Mustang so this year for the main hallway I cut out two horses from Old West to place on my display. I had to color in the hoofs and glue on the hair before finishing them off by using a black marker for the detail lines. I made the second horse by flipping the design on my Gypsy horizontally.

For the letters I used the wonderful Plantin Schoolbook (I just love how the layers on this font look even if it is so old school Cricut!). I used the basic font in blue plus the layers in red. I am happy my students will see this welcome back when they walk in today! Happy Back to School to all!


  1. Love the display! We are the Colts, so this looks like something we would do... Maybe I will scraplift it. Hope your first day went well.

  2. Great display! Have a wonderful first day back!!

  3. After being retired from teaching for 5 years, I still have that special feeling about the first day of school, but...I just lay down and let it pass over! LOL!!! I am so thankful there are wonderful people like you that love to teach! Great Welcome Back sign!

  4. Your display looks awesome! I love that font, very easy to read from far away and the mustangs are perfect to frame it!

  5. Have something for you on my blog


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