Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Flat Visitor

As a teacher I love the chance to encourage learning. One of my favorite things to take part in is a Flat Stanley project. Flat Stanley is a series of books about a flat guy (originally crushed by a bulletin board) who travels in the mail and comes home to tell the family about it. New adventures are now appearing in a new set of books. The books are fun and great teaching tools and many a Flat character have arrived at my home.

This time I have the honor of hosting Flat Collin. He belongs to a son of one of my Cricut Circle sisters and I was excited to welcome him. I feel like he is helping me get ready for my with Jacob and Clip on Koala soon as he is helping me out in the craft room until we have more time to explore.

This morning he supervised my clean up time as I organized my craft table a little better. Hopefully we will have some fun adventures before he returns home by Halloween.  Look for the projects he helps out with in the mean time.


  1. My girls are older haven't thought about flat Stanley in a while loved him so!

  2. What a cute little helper! I am hoping my daughter's school will do a flat stanley project, it seems like so much fun!

    Please stop by my blog; I have an award for you!

  3. Fantastic idea!!...I am so going to have to do one of these... Gorgeous idea, TFS



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