Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Halloween today. I love this holiday and even enjoy dressing up for the day.

I do not sew, BUT my mom does and has always made me and now my daughter the best costumes. Today she is my guest crafter as I am showing off her skills. I have already shared this photo, but did not mention the amazing work my Mom put in.
This year we went to Disney at the start of October so the costumes had to be ready. My mom made my daughter's Rapunzel costume using a great pattern, but for my Belle pattern. She had to create one using a Dorothy pattern and another one all together for the shirt part. That Belle dress is all one piece except for the apron.  She is wonderful and we had a blast dressing up.

Enjoy your Tricks or Treats!!


  1. You both look gorgeous in your costumes.

  2. What a sweet photo! Thank goodness for talented mothers! She did a wonderful job on your costumes!


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