Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Bachelor: Hot Scrap Assistant (Down to 10)

Jacob, Chloe's Hot Scrap Assistant has been dating my daughter's dolls while he visits with us. This round he had a fun group date (see yesterday's Cheer Thank you card) and 2 one on one dates. The first was with Belle, who got the first impression rose on night 1. This was their first night alone and Belle rocked a red dress for the evenings quiet dinner and concert (not sung or served by magical cutlery).
"Your dress matches this rose I am going to give you."
His next one on one was with Charlotte. Jacob loves the fact that she is willing to go after what she wants and the other night when she "got there first kiss out of the way" it allowed him to not only feel the sparks, but on there one on one he wasn't thinking only about that. They talked and talked during a simple picnic and found they have much in common other than both falling for people that love others. Jacob surprised her with fireworks and a rose that evening.
After such great dates, Jacob was feeling sorry for the girls who did not get a date so rather than take a night off to relax, Jacob invited Marie Elise, Ariel and Barbi F. over for a slumber party. They watched movies and got to know each other. He had some quite time with each to ask some questions and look for that spark. Marie Elise shared her fear about falling in love with him and Jacob said he was scared too. Jacob thinks it was his best date ever and could not see himself sending any of the three home.
"Don't worry ladies no Vampires in this movie!"
At the rose ceremony Jacob sent Jasmine and Barbi R. home. Down he is down to just 10 wonderful ladies and the connections are growing. Stay tuned for more. Tomorrow is a break from Jacob and the return of No Cricut Thursday.


  1. Love it!!! Boy, Jacob is gonna have some rough decisions ahead!!!

  2. Aw, Jacob is so nice to not leave those three girls out.

  3. Choices, choices!! It's getting harder by the day. Love the bedroom/tv scene, but maybe Jacob should put his shirt on! I gave you my email address (spelled out) in my post the other day. Hope you saw it, L.B. I don't see where I can contact you otherwise on your blog. Love your new look!--Pat N.

  4. A slumber party with three girls...hmmm he IS quite the bachelor! I am SO loving this series!!!!

    Amy E.

  5. I bet Jacob is SOOOOOO excited about Breaking Dawn release this week! Loving the new look blog! xx

  6. Love the blog's new look. This is too funny


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