Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Bachelor Hot Scrap Assistant: The Women Tell All

What season of the bachelor would be complete without a special addition show..
The Women Tell All
We gathered up as many women as we could to dish the dirt on the season and make their predictions of who would get the final  rose. I hope you are ready for this...

First, our special guest host, Ken brought all the women. Snow actually got some boos from the audience, but she handled it well. They waved hello and Ken thanked them all for being there.
The first gal on the hot seat was Barbi D. Ken brought her down because he had heard about her audition tape and she shared how she had done a full on dance for it. They looked at clips from several auditions and everyone got a good laugh.
Next up was a fan favorite, Belle. Ken asked her about getting the first impression rose and when she knew it wasn't going to work. Belle explained that she was being too guarded during her time with Jacob and that she knows she blew it. She had very strong feelings, but could not get past jealousy over his relationship with Charlotte. Belle sad she was sure Charlotte would go home with the final rose.
Next up was Snow. Snow was easily the most disliked by the other girls this season. Many called her selfish and controlling. they tried to get Jacob to see it and he finally did. Snow explained that she likes having the attention on her and that isn't a bad thing, is it? She had to share the spotlight with 7 others once before and now was her time to have it all. She still thinks Jacob made a mistake.
Look at the chemistry on our first date!
Ken finally brought Jacob out to face the girls. Jacob explained why he left both  girls go on the 2 on 1 date and he told Belle he too wished she had opened up ore, but in the end he knew a early on they would not be together. Belle was happy to hear that and wished him well.
Ken asked each girl who they thought Jacob had selected to give the final rose to and they were split right down the middle...we will all find out Friday!

If you wish to enter to win your choice of Graphically Speaking or Opposites Attract leave a comment with who you think the winner is. Your comment will enter to to win. (Open to US & Aussie entries unless you are willing to pay the shipping.)

See you Friday for the Final Rose!


  1. I think he will be giving the rose to Charlotte, she seems so sweet!

  2. That Snow... at least she was honest!! :)

  3. I am thinking Charlotte (although I always wanted to connection to be Belle!!)

  4. Oh it's totally going to be Marie Elise...Jacob was enthralled by going to Paris (to get him further away from that one true love he would never have) and they both adore crafting...they did have a pretty hot crafting date didn't they? And remember, Jacob inked a heart on her hand! I think that was a hint!

    Amy E.

  5. I posted earlier,for some reason it didn't post. It is really hard for me to choose one. They are both Great Girls. I've always thought that he would pick Marie Elise. But she lives so far away and I think Charlotte is so Sweet. But I'm still going to have to go with Marie Elise. I think they have a Great Connection. Can't wait for Friday!!!

  6. I really think it will be Marie Elise, they had so much more in common, think the challenges, got him!!!

  7. hahahahaha Ken has nothing on Jacob! Love the Gyspy shot. You are so creative. x


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