Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Glitter Ornaments: Part 1

Over the weekend I was checking out the Cricut Circle message board and someone had posted something about glitter ornaments and a bunch of other Circle gals posted photos and links to video instructions and well...let's just say I had to try this out.
Basically you use a glass ornament and fill it with glitter. Than you decorate the outside for your own fun homemade ornaments.

This is going to be a 2 step process for me. First I dragged my hubby with me to Michael's to buy supplies. I bought 24 large glass ornaments, a 12 piece set of Recollections glitter, some Glitter-It by Beacon and a whole bunch of ribbon to use for decorating the tops. Everything was on sale...all the ribbon was $1 for 3 yards.
I followed the directions and rinsed out a few of the glass balls with a water/white vinegar mix, but I really didn't want to wait so I tried out the steps on the Glitter-It.  You coat the inside of the ornament and than drain it back into the Glitter-It. I let mine sit a few seconds to really drain.
Next, put the glitter in and coat it inside. I was able to do 3-4 ornaments with each vial of glitter. Now I am letting it dry. It says if the coating doesn't fully cover you can repeat the process, but hopefully I will not need to do that.
Now I need to plan out what I want to put on them and I will be cutting that out of vinyl on the Cricut. Hopefully I will have them all done soon. I also want to make some matching tags and boxes for them if possible. I will share more when they are completed.

Stay tuned for tomorrows addition of The Bachelor: Hot Scrap Assistant. Jacob is in the middle of his hometown visits and finds himself in LA tomorrow. Also, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving on Thursday.

One more wonderful thing: Today is my 8th wedding anniversary! My hubby is one of my biggest crafting supporters (he shakes his head at what I buy, but marvels at what I create!!) I did not make him a card, but we will be eating this wonderful cake this evening from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Super fun!


  1. I saw those glitter ornaments too. I'm a little nervous to try them as I've never cut vinyl before. Yours look great so far :)

  2. Your ornaments look wonderful. I can't wait to see the finished project. The cake looks yummy! Congrats on your wedding anniversary

  3. great job on the ornaments they look awesome love the pink ones

  4. First, Happy Anniversary on 8 years!! Your hubby sounds pretty great for his support of your hobby! Your ornaments are beautiful; can't wait to see the finished product.

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Making these ornaments is on my list too. Actually, it's been on my list since last year when I bought all the stuff to do it! Yikes!

  6. Yay! Happy anniversary!! I hope you guys had an awesome day! That cake looks scrumptious!

    I LOVE the ornaments! I've been thinking of trying some this year too...I guess it will depend on how much the glass balls will cost. I've seen the same project on several other blogs, but instead of coating the inside with glue, they have been using Future Floor Cleaner! I've seen several blogs that say it works like a charm and is way cheaper than any adhesive. I may just give it a try!

    Amy E.

  7. Beautiful colors. These are on my 'to do' list.


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