Saturday, November 5, 2011

Group Date 1: Lunch Box Cards

After the first rose ceremony Jacob and Clippy went back to my craft room to unwind.Clippy found my stash of lunch box cards and decided this would be a great first group date for Jacob. The date "lunch box card" was sent.
Jacob selected 7 women for this first date: Snow, Marie Elise, Rosetta, Barbi C., Barbi H., Barbi R. & Barbi W. They were very excited to be going on the first date. Jacob wanted to get the ladies comfortable with the craft  room so they decided to make two lunch box cards that would give them a chance to understand some of the basic tools of the trade. They all new a rose was up for grabs.
 First he gave everyone a quick crash course on the Cricut Expression.

Next he gave some one on one time to Marie Elise teaching her about brads and the puncture tool. She is starting to puncture his heart. Later he talked about the wonderful new stamp set Happily Ever After that I just got from Scrappy Moms.
Snow continued to pull Jacob away and got hot and heavy with the I-rock tool. His Gypsy lesson with Rosetta and Barbi C.was pleasant, but he is not feeling as much spark.

When all was said and done they had learned many new tools and create two fun lunch box cards for my collection. They used many of my crafting tools and adhesives. They even cut out the fun princess cut fro 3 Birds on Parade for one of them.

They used the Memento inks on both sides to give the stamp the 2 colored effect
As you know many group  dates have roses up for grabs on them and this first group date had one as well. The girls had a fun time and all were hoping that they would get the rose and most just hope if they didn't Snow wouldn't either. They were crushed when Jacob pulled her away at the end of the crafting session.
They all returned home and Jacob got ready for his first one on one date with Ariel. Stay tuned for more soon. 
"You are doing a great job of getting my attention and I  hope you will except this rose?"


  1. too cute. Looks like Jacob is having fun.

  2. LOL!! This is adorable!!
    Jacob looks like he is having a blast!

  3. Marie Elise looks like she is having some fun. I'm rooting for her right now!

  4. OMG, you have really thought this through... too funny!

  5. Looks like a lot of craty girls!

  6. I noticed how well Jacob's jacket was coordinated with the Expression, he certainly has a crafty streak!

    scrappindhilly at gmail dot com

  7. You are hilarious! Voting for Snowy! She can make him sparkle with that i-rock! So funny. x

  8. This is so fun! GO SNOW! I love the luchbox cards too!

  9. Love the lunch box cards!
    And the girls all on the cricut, lol!

  10. L.B. you are so creative with your ongoing story here. I'm loving this! I think Jacob and Marie Elise make a darn good-looking couple, and hope she's not totally out of the running yet. Thanks for such a fun adventure!--Pat N.

  11. This is amazing...Best set of posts EVER!!!! And I don't even watch the people version of the Bachelor!!

    It was nice to see that Jacob picked up all his expertise on the Expression when he spent all that time at Provo Craft in Utah!!!

    Amy E.

  12. Adorable lunch box cards and you are so creative. Not only on your crafts, but you make quite the producer for reality blog tv, too.


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