Friday, November 25, 2011

Hometown 4 & the Final 3

Jacob had to travel pretty far to meet up with Marie Elsie. She lives and works as a fashion designer in Paris, France. He couldn't help but wonder about being in the City of Love with this amazing girl. They met up in her studio, where she showed him a dress she was working on for a special occasion. She even hinted at it being a great dress for a rose ceremony.
They went out for an evening strolled under the amazing Paris lights before having a quiet dinner with her Mom. Jacob felt a special connection to Marie Elise's Mom after hearing a story about how she met Marie Elsie's father. She said they met when she was very young and he was much older than her. They both said they just felt connected to each other from the start and they stayed connected until they could marry. Sadly, he passed away when Marie Elise was little. Jacob totally understood.

Jacob left Paris knowing who his final 3 were and pretty sure who the final 2 would be. They all met up again and Jacob told Charlotte, Marie Elise and Barbi H. that he wanted them to continue in this journey with him. Barbi F. was sad, but understood she was never going to be the final one and she whispered some advice in his ear before leaving...maybe he'll tell us when this is all over.

Stay tuned for a recap of his 3 Special, Fantasy Sweet dates and than the selection of the final 2. In a little over a week, Jacob will hand out his final rose and one more Cartridge. This one will be winner's choice of either: Graphically Speaking or Opposites Attract. (Clippy thinks both fit the journey Jacob has been going on!). To be entered to win:

1. Post what you think Barbi F. whispered in Jacob's ear.
2. Post comments on my other Jacob post's this week answering the q's.

Each comment will be a chance to win. This is open to anyone, but if the winner is outside of the US they will need to pay shipping.


  1. This is just a riot. Great job.

  2. Well, well, well. How romantic, being in the City of Love with a beautiful, talented woman! I bet she has the sweetest french accent too! And meeting mom is a pretty good sign, especially since they hit it off. I bet Barbie F. whispered in his ear--"follow your heart." --Pat N.

  3. She whispered softly, "Dream about me".

  4. I Think she whispered, I will be here for you if the others don't work out...

  5. Love Carri's response!! lol --Pat N.

  6. I think she whispered, "Your fly is open!"

  7. I think she said, "Pick Charlotte!" LOL :)

    You have such a great imagination to keep this going!

  8. WOW - I want to go to Paris. I think she may have whispered to follow his heart. As that is the best advice you can really give and get!!!

    Great job my friend.

  9. So Surprised that he let Barbi F. go. But I think he has three Amazing Girls left. Great to hear that he got along with Marie Elise's Mom. I think Barbi F. whispered ( If none of these girls work out,come find me. We can play in the woods and Howl at the Moon)! :0)


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