Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jacob brings it down to 8

You might have seen how Jacob left for his date with Marie Elise last night (horse drawn carriage ride),but let me fill you in on the date and what happened today.
After a carriage ride, Jacob and Marie Elise had a private meal in a park gazebo. They have really started opening up  to each other and the passion is definitely there between them. Let's just leave it at he gave her the rose and move on to his date this afternoon with Snow.
"Get that camera out of my face!"
They went to a sculpture garden (lots of colorful piece by an artist named Sophie). Jacob quickly realized that what the other girls had been saying was true, Snow likes to talk abut herself and keep the attention there as well, but she doesn't really seem to want Jacob, only the winning feeling of getting those roses. He had to let he go. She fought it pretty hard and did not want to talk to the cameras after he  left her behind.
After such a hard afternoon, Jacob was looking forward to the dance class he scheduled for his group date. He gathered up all the girls who had not yet been on a date this round and they boogie the night away.  Barbi H. and Jacob had a slow dance and a nice shared moment and Charlotte got his coat when she was cold and the rose for the evening.
At the rose ceremony, he said good-bye to Barbi D. He just did not like her moves. Now he is down to just 8 girls and the dreaded 2 on 1 date is next. Will he send one or both home? Check back tomorrow to see.
While Jacob is having so much fun, Clippy wants to do a giveaway. He is so sure Jacob will find is no Stretch of the Imagination to him, but...just in case he wants to giveaway a Stretch the Imagination  Cartridge anyways (This one is also from Chloe and open to US and Aussie winners!). In order to win you need to leave a comment on at least 2 posts about Jacob's adventures this week (starting with this one). Every post after 2 will count as another need to be a follower, but if you are THANKS!!! This winner will be announced next week Sunday!!


  1. You have quite the imagination! Is is bad that I feel like I have to "Tune" in to see what happens next??

  2. I'm totally getting addicted too! I don't even like the real-life Bachelor show...but this one is awesome!!

    amyis300 AT hotmail DOT com

  3. How exciting! Jacob is getting closer to a choice of ladies! Can not wait to see who wins the cart! Good luck everyone!

  4. Love all the comments posted here, L.B.! Were you a TV producer in a former life? YES, we all need to "stay tuned" to find out the winner, and you have done an excellent job in keeping us coming back!! Kudos to you! I will be "watching" and commenting but please don't count me in for this giveaway as I already have been fortunate enough to win the Storybook cart! --Pat N.

  5. Goooo Team Jacob... lol. You are doing a greaet job as a host for Jake. Who will be the lucky girl? Cant waitto find out, so I will be staying tuned too.

  6. I really want to see how this plays out, I feel like it is reality YOU GO GIRL!

  7. Every Season you have a girl like Snow. Coming on the Show for the wrong reasons! Love the picture of her telling the Camera to get out of her face! Trying to pick which one I think is the best one for him. I usually have her picked out by now. I'm going to have to really look at the girls that are left. Looking forward to seeing what happens next. :0)
    cindymarshall63 at hotmail dot com

  8. Oh my god, I missed a few days because of work and now I'm trying to catch up, wish I could DVR your posts, lol! This is a lot of fun!

    scrappindhilly at gmail dot com


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