Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jacob's Final 4 & A Winner Announced

It has been such a crazy ride for our Hot Scrap Assistant Jacob. He started with 25 and is now making his way to choosing the one who will get the final rose. Hopefully this will join him to his crafty partner for life.
This week Jacob had a fun camping trip with 3 of the girls and two 1-on-1 dates. He knew it was going to be hard  to take it down to the final 4. These 4 ladies will be taking Jacob home to meet the family and get to know them in their regular world.

Before he made his final 4 selection Jacob and Clippy talked it over and reviewed all the moments he had shared with the 5.
A carriage ride with Marie Elise
The 1st Impression Rose went to Belle
Making sure Barbi F. is safe.

Keeping Charlotte warm
Fun Car ride with Barbi H.
The memories have been wonderful, but who does he see himself with in the end? He still isn't sure, but he knows who it isn't. After such a wonderful start, Jacob just hasn't made the connection with Belle that he thought he would. She let her jealousy get in the way at the camping trip and that was what made Jacob know she wasn't the one (after all he is a Hot Scrap Assistant, girls are going to like him!) So he said good-bye to her. The final 4 are:
Charlotte, Barbi H. Barbi F. and Marie Elise
Jacob will be making trips this week to visit each of them on their home turf. Stay tuned the first hometown with Charlotte in New Orleans will be posted tomorrow evening.

NOW: Clippy has a winner of the Stretch Your Imagination Cartridge.
The winner is... AMY E.
She left me great comments this week, but this is the one I pulled out: 
"Beautiful card!! I LOVE the colors!!! How sweet that you keyed in on someone who really needed it!! 
So what's with Belle? I think she really needs to get over herself... If you're going to get jealous...don't compete with 24 other dolls!!!"

I put everyones' names on a slip in a hat for each entry they earned.  Amy left comments on all the posts so she had 4 slips of paper in the box, in this case the odds worked in her favor!  Amy could you send me a note via my contact form with an address so I can send you your Stretch Your Imagination Cartridge!


  1. Congrats Amy, love your story.... and the saga continues....

  2. Yay!!!!! I'm writing you right this minute! Thank you!!! And please thank Clippy for me too!!

  3. Congratulations Amy! and Congratulations to the final four. :0)

  4. Congrats AmyE!!! Glad you are joining in the fun. Go Marie Elise! x


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