Thursday, January 12, 2012

Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest OH MY!

It is the year of Pinterest I think.  Facebook and Twitter have been around for awhile and both are interesting ways of seeing new things and hearing about the latest trends, but Pinterest is the coolest way to organize every new purse you fall in love with, every quote you want to remember and every crafty idea you want to tryout all in one online bulletin board.  
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AMAZING!!  A co-worker of mine (an pardon this non PG statement) calls Pinterest Crafting Porn and it so is...I know I find myself wandering the boards seeking out ideas to try. I have even successful tried 2 recipes I found and now even have a board to share the things I try and how I like them! 

Anyways...if you love it like me I would love to have you follow me via Pinterest (button also on the left side )...if you do not know about Pinterest and want an invite to join please contact me. It is free, but you need someone to invite you to join. 

If you still love Facebook and Twitter Cool Beans By LB now has a Twitter and Facebook (more buttons on the sides!) Social media is where its at and now that I have found so many ways to find fun crafting ideas (who am I kidding ideas about anything) I am jumping on board in hopes of finding more. 


  1. I am sooooo with you on the pinterest. Just got on myself in late Dec. So many good ideas out there. It is fun to have a place to collect all of those pages I want to go back to for one reason or another. Have fun!!!

  2. I am new this week to Pinterest! I still haven't had a chance to do much with it yet, but I'm excited to find new ideas and inspiration!! I'm now following you :)


  3. I've only been doing Pinterest for a few Weeks. (LOVE IT)! Haven't been on there today. Been trying to clean some. :0)


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