Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jar Lids

I was hanging out on the message board this morning and found these amazing jar labels created by another Circle Member, Sara (She was the Weekly Challenge on the Circle Blog).  I thought they were super fun and wanted to make some of my own...I decided to put mine on the lids instead of on the sides.
I cut out 2 circles using George & Basic Shapes. In one set of the circles I cut the words, "buttons" and "ribbon" using one of my favorite font carts, Cherry Limeade. After cutting I glue my patterned paper with the letters cut out onto the black circle backs. I had to paste on the little cut outs for the letters, but there were only a few.
These labels were missing something...accessories! I added a small ribbon bow to the top of one and a simple white button with a baker's twine bow to the other. On top they went and viola...two newly decorated jars of fun! Thanks for the inspiration Sara!


  1. I saw her project on the blog, what a great idea! Yours turned out great, too, I love all the polka dots!!

  2. Cute lids!
    Would be cute to lay square type jars on the side so lable/lid would be seen.

  3. Very cute...I think I am going to try it too...

  4. These are soooo sweet! (or should I say "sew" sweet?)

    Just adorable!

  5. I love your take on the labelled jars. Great job!!

  6. I really like the labels on the lids. They look great!

  7. between you and Sara, I now might have to get some jars and do some organizing... Love the polka dots and embellishments.
    ps: Im popping in from the CC mb and now a new follower. cant wait to see more...

  8. I love those labels and your color combo's are just fantastic! Fabulous work and TFS!


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