Friday, January 20, 2012

Mustang Snapshot Wall Display

I have taken over a wall in the front hallway of the school I work at.  For the last few years I have been putting up fun displays for sports and the drama production. In the past I have changed the wall around for each sport, but this year has been so busy that it stayed the same for a long time...until today.
I decided that we have some fun moments to share right now: we just got done with Spirit Week (cray hair day photos are too funny) and we have a pep rally for our state testing coming up.  I wanted to put something on the wall that could showcase these moments.
filmstrip is  from Mickey & Friends pg144 
When I saw the filmstrip cut on Mickey and Friends I knew I wanted to use it for my wall someday and I did it. I blew up the image and only cut half of it at a time.  I put 4 halves together for each strip. It was so easy!
For the lettering I used my Pooh Font set cartridge and than I made the cute little cameras from Create A Critter to finish it all off. I laminated all the pieces and plan on putting pictures right on top in the filmstrip ones every few weeks.
Today when students were walking out they were very excited about the new wall and a few begged me not to put photos of them up!!  Who knows.


  1. Such a cute wall! :) I remember having such a difficult time making cool looking walls when I taught- that was pre-cricut :)

  2. Great idea! I did a paparazzi wall once with a Hollywood-themed book fair. It's fun to take and put up pictures of kids! Great work!


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