Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Scrappy Goals

I had a small wake-up call yesterday...Wait that sounds a little more serious than this actually is...

I had an epiphany yesterday. Yes that is much better.

So over on the Circle Message Board someone was looking for blogs that had a lot of scrapbook layouts.  Well I consider myself a scrapbooker before anything else crafty, so imagine my surprise when looking at my blog posts (over 300) I had only about 60 that had scrapbook layouts....WOW!!

It is time to get those layouts going again (I got 3 done in the past 3 weeks). That is after I finish up the projects I have lined up....OH MY?  What is a crafter to do when her ideas bucket is overfilling?

It is time for some crafty goal setting.... (and this time I am starting small)

1. Work on 1 layout per week. (It may not get finished but a good start)
2. Post 2 layout a month (MINIMUM!)
3. Try out for a design team (check I did this is nice to have a check mark on your list..wish me luck.)
4. Post to my blog at least 3 times a week.

I hear by acknowledge these Scrappy Goals and will get to work on them this weekend! Stay tuned I should have a project to share later today.


  1. Funny, I would have the same wake up call if counting my posts. So easy to get sidetracked. Good luck on the weekend goals. Perhaps I should clear an area on my table and join you.

  2. I think it's funny that you mentioned this, because I too have been having a hard time finding challenge blogs that are predominantly layout centered. I guess I am in the minority of those that prefer layouts! :)

  3. I'm a lay out maker too. When I first started blogging I couldn't believe all the cards people made...I got so caught up in it, I started making other stuff too. After the holidays, I posted that I was going back to layouts...its what I love to do. Have a good weekend:)


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